Monthly Archives: January 2017

Unity: Texture Overview 3.8 released

A few days ago, I’ve updated Texture Overview to version 3.8, which is available in the Unity Asset Store.

What’s new in Texture Overview 3.8?

  • Unity 5.5 compatibility
  • Unity 5.6.0b3 compatibility
  • Added platform buttons to the toolbar, to easily switch between different platform texture settings.
  • Added more columns to Texture Overview. Right-click a column header to select which ones to display.
  • Added “Issues” detection. If, for example, a texture cannot be compressed, because its size isn’t multiple of 4, Texture Overview is able to show you that.

I excluded the Tizen platform from Texture Overview 3.8 for now, because of this issue. This only applies if you use Unity 5.5 or newer. I’m going to add it back once Unity made the fix available and I tested it, that it actually works.