Unity: Texture Overview 3.6 released

Texture Overview Plugin for UnityTexture Overview 3.6 is available in the Unity Asset Store now.

This update adds functionality to inspect textures referenced by an AssetBundle Manifest, which can be an useful tool to optimize for texture file size of specific asset bundles. I also finally found a way find texture references of inactive GameObjects when using the “Scene mode”.

Below you can find the changelog and a description of the new AssetBundle Manifest mode. Don’t miss to take a look at the updated documentation as well. Links can be found at the bottom of this post.


  • Scene mode also finds textures referenced by inactive GameObjects now.
  • Added AssetBundle Manifest mode. It allows you to display referenced textures in an asset bundle manifest file inside Texture Overview.
  • Better error message when Texture Overview for Unity 4 is used in a project that was upgraded to Unity 5.
  • Verified that Texture Overview works with Unity 5.3 RC2

AssetBundle Manifest mode

You can find this new mode under the popup in the toolbar as shown below.Texture Overview - Inspect AssetBundle Manifest files

This mode displays textures that are referenced by an asset bundle manifest file. Unitys BuildPipeline outputs a manifest file for each asset bundle it generates. Such manifest file contains which assets have been explicitly added to an asset bundle. Asset dependencies are not resolved.

Please note that Texture Overview does not load the actual asset bundle. It uses the .manifest file to detect which assets are stored in a bundle. It reads and displays settings of those textures that are located in your project, not the ones stored in that asset bundle.

The list at the left side displays all .manifest files that have been found in the directory that you selected using the “Open…” button. If a file with either no or .unity3d file extension is located next to the .manifest file (which is usually the actual asset bundle), its size is display in the list next to the name.

Texture Overview

Texture Overview Pro

Texture Overview Documentation